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Blocks CD for AutoCAD and CAD

CADblocos offers the Blocks CD-ROM for AutoCAD and CAD to save time. You can form, increase and update your symbols library of architectural blocks and drawings without wasting time with downloads.

The Blocks CD with 656 MB of archives DWG/ZIP and DWG includes the 2D and 3D blocks available for download in the CADblocos site and many exclusive blocks (over 38,000 AutoCAD blocks, drawings and symbols). Hatch patterns and Lisp routines are in the CD too.

The CD is organized by folders with indices classified by names of files and corresponding blocks.

 Direct Download
For only $ 19.00 USD you can download the entire Blocks CD to your computer by high speed links.
Instructions to download the Blocks CD will be sent to you by email once we receive the payment.

Prority Mail
The Blocks CD will be shipped with transparent-acrylic box Slim packed in postal envelope with plastic bubble to guarantee the integrity of your new library of blocks during the transport.
We deliver the Blocks CD to any country worldwide.
The cost of Blocks CD is $ 49.00 USD with shipping costs included.
As soon as we confirm your payment we'll send you the Blocks CD and e-mail informing you that your CD is on the way.


Request additional informations by the e-mail
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Blocks CD Summary

 blocks with men, women, children, groups and couples, people in front view, people in plan view, silhouettes.
Furniture: blocks with beds, single beds, double beds, tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, dresser, cabinets, armchairs, closets, bookshelves, shelves, cupboards, furniture for offices and restaurants, home furnishing resources, chairs with wheels, office chairs, antique chairs, modern chairs, furniture for living room, bedroom, master bedroom, hall, foyer, porch.
Vehicles: blocks with cars, automobile blocks, trucks, airplanes, boats, canoes, trains, locomotives, bus, fire truck, bicycles, motorcycles, choppers, assorted cars, helicopters, trailer, jet-ski, yacht, scooter, bobcat, balloon, Yamaha, Honda, Harley Davidson, Mini Cooper, Citroen, Ford Ka, Peugeot 206, Porsche, Mercedes, Mercedes Classroom, Golf, Lincoln, Miura, Towner, Tempra, Tipo, BMW, Volkswagen Beatle, Chevrolet, Audi A6 Avant, Audi A3, Jeep, Ford Focus, Fiat, Renault Twingo, Cadillac, Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Diablo, Renault Megane, Clio.
Doors and Windows: blocks with doors, gates, shutters, windows and details.
Kitchens: blocks with stoves, ovens, fridges, dishwasher, freezers, industrial kitchens, equipments, microwaves, sinks, forks, knifes, spoons, servers, furniture for kitchen, dining / eating area.
Bathrooms: blocks with sanitary equipments, urinals, bidets, lavatories, toilets, bathtubs, whirlpools, Jacuzzis, residential bathrooms, commercial restrooms, showers, baths, half baths.
Accessories and Equipments: blocks with objects, elevators, machine room, escalators, stairs, blocks related to people with disabilities, wheelchairs, drawings of accesses and ramps, operating table, ceiling lights, cranes, gymnastics, gym, fitness and exercise equipment, TV, television, sculptures, vases, carpets, curtains, pictures, decoration, washing machines, driers, plotter, printers, billiards, piano, medical chair, dentist chair, equipments, medical clinic, hospital, barbecue, weights, exercycle, treadmill, fireplaces, comb, hairdresser chair, hanger, hair-drier, pincers, shoes, bottles, hardware, objects for decoration, drawings of people in wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, restrooms suited for wheelchairs, special elevators, special vehicles, accessories and equipments for laundry room, utility, storage.
Trees: blocks with trees in front view and plan view, shrubs, plants, flowers, crowns, plants with and without leaves.
Sanitary Installations: blocks with sanitary installations, sanitary symbols, water and sewer plans, anaerobic filters, equipments, piping details, plumbing.
Electrical Installations: blocks with electrical installations, electric symbols, electrical equipments, plans.
Urban Equipments: blocks with courts, parks, playgrounds, tennis, cycling, skate, soccer, streetlight, volleyball, official basketball courts, basketball hoops and backboards.
Assorted: blocks with arrows, symbols, animals, signpost, tiled roof, nuts, screws, maps, topography, carpentry, knob, games, toys, swimming pools, horse, cow, bull, dog, cat, goat, duck, pig, birds, donkey, rabbit, rooster, chicken, turkey, deer, wolf, eagle, ostrich, camel, kangaroo, elephant, giraffe, lion, pelican, monkey, dolphin, bear, letters, north symbols, ceiling details, tiles, constructive details, structures, history of Architecture, arcs, columns, AutoCAD assorted blocks and symbols library.
Manufacturers: blocks of manufacturers, hydraulic connections, lavatories, toilets, floors, bathtubs, whirlpools, lightning, stairs.
3D Blocks: blocks in three dimensions, trucks, vehicles, ambulance, people, sofa, bed, armchairs, chairs, furniture, vegetations, trees, shrubs, stove, freezer, refrigerator, taps, kitchens, objects, bunk beds, crib / cot, surgical beds, stretcher, fire extinguisher, hydrant, doors, windows, beach chair, toys, fan, public telephone, microwaves, sanitary, equipment for bathrooms, objects for decoration, curtain, seat, illumination, furniture for offices, roofing tiles, closet, guitar, saxophone, violin, computer monitor, LCD monitor, plasma monitor, plasma TV, computer keyboard, cans, telephone, bucket, coffee pot, piano, drill, bus stop, gas station, kiosk, sculpture, skate, surf, chessboard, balls, billiards, toys, fireplaces, bicycle, helicopter, jet-ski...
Hatch Patterns: hatch patterns codifications of land, grass, bricks, rocks, stones, circles, wood, mosaic, asphalt, concrete, parquet, tiles, lines, points.
Lisp Routines: AutoLISP routines to facilitate and save time in the drawing and design process with your CAD software.


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